Friday, December 16, 2011

Update 23/10/2013

This particular class ended in June of 2011, but the lesson notes are all still available on the pages tabs above this post. If you have any questions about the material, or want any of the handouts mentioned in these lessons, feel free to contact me by email. I'll endeavor to get back to you within 12 hours.

In November of 2010 my basic Koine Greek course wrapped up. Again, though, the Lesson notes can still be found at the course blog here.

These days, I'm posting all my thoughts theological on The Sting of Salt and Light. C'mon over, have a read and then tell me what you think.

God bless,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Context Posted

The final lesson of the course, Lesson 10, has just been posted. In it is a summary of all our General Principles and, naturally, the tenth one. There's a bit of a surprise with this Lesson, in that the General Principle isn't mentioned until the penultimate section--but, yes, the title to this blog post is a clue.

The class was great fun, guys, and I hope informative for everyone--I know I learned heaps preparing the lessons! I want to thank all of you--Colleen, Jocelyn, Larry, Paul, Trish and my fantastic wife soon-to-be-doctor-not-Mrs Didaskalos, Sandy (who is NOT learning Greek OR Hebrew!)--for kindly sacrificing your Sunday afternoons to come out to Paihia Baptist Church and lend an ear to a gabby old man. Thank you, Thank you--you made the gabby old man very happy.

May the Lord bless you all with wisdom, peace and joy.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lesson 9 Finally Posted

Okay, this'll be fast and furious:
It's been several weeks since the course finished and I'm only now getting Lesson 9 posted--the one on the Hebrew alphabet. There is heaps more in the posted lesson than was given in class; definitely worth a look even to those who were there!

I'll be emailing the nikkud tables to everyone as well, so look for that in your inboxes. And, yes, the word "nikkud" is explained in the lesson.

Lesson 10, the final lesson, isn't quite ready to be uploaded yet, but I expect it to be done by tonight or tomorrow night at the latest. I'll post about it when I do upload it, so you'll get a notification in your inboxes.

Right, all for now!

God bless,

Monday, June 6, 2011

10 to 9

Alllrighteeee then! Time to catch up on the doings at PBC’s How to Study with the Greek NT Class.

Okay, first thing to note is that Lesson 8 was posted last week, but I neglected to tell anyone—not that I need to, of course, because everyone checks this site daily just in case they miss something wonderful. I also haven’t converted the notes to PDF, so they haven’t been emailed to anyone either. I know, I know, slack as! I promise I'll send them tomorrow.

Secondly, yesterday we ran Lesson 10, the final Lesson of the course. It went great! An…what? We what? We didn’t do Lesson 9 yet? Really? Oh….

…actually, I knew that. What’s happened is this: Two weeks ago, at the end of L8, I announced that the next lesson was going to be a fun-filled extravaganza of merriment, jocularity and the Hebrew alphabet! Needless to say, everyone was ecstatic. They could barely believe it.

“The Hebrew alphabet?!? Oh joy!!!” they cried, “That’s unbelievable! How will we ever manage to wait 7 long days? OMG!”

But then Colleen mentioned, in a quiet, disappointed voice, that she wouldn’t be able to make it. The room went deathly quiet. Tears formed; throats choked. I had to think of something fast or the entire class would’ve been awash in despair.

“Not to worry,” I began, “I have a cunning plan. We’ll have Lesson 10 next week and Lesson 9 the week after that!”

The roar of delight brought the roof down. The day was saved.

And that, more or less, is how we ended up doing L10 yesterday and will be doing L9 next Sunday.

But not to worry, I won’t post L10 until after I post L9. That would just be too weird…

God Bless,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lesson 7 Finally Posted

Ahhhh, the whole week's went by and I've forgotten to post last Sunday's Lesson! I've also forgotten to email you the notes. Well, not to worry, I've just remedied the former and, in about 5 minutes, I'll remedy the latter.

Oh, and, by the way, Lesson 8 is still on for tomorrow...

God Bless,

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lesson 7 is On!

Our schedule has become somewhat ragged of late, so I thought I'd make an announcement regarding the next class:

Lesson 7 is being held THIS SUNDAY, the 22ND OF MAY 2011, starting at 1:30PM!

Come one; come all.

God Bless,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Primer on Parsing Posted

Okay, I've just uploaded Lesson 5--see the tab above marked "5:Parsing". Links to the two parsing programmes mentioned can be found to the right of this post. I'll email the notes tomorrow (have to go to work to convert it to pdf).

Btw, last post I mentioned brushing up on basic grammar, but I didn't really get around to discussing much about grammar. I might go into a bit more detail this Sunday. Unless God has other plans!

God Bless,